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All exporters of non-oil exports in the South West are required to get their merchandise inspected by Cobalt Inspectors and obtain a Clean Certificate of Inspection (CCI) before their merchandise can be accepted at the ports of exit.

What can you export?

The Federal Government of Nigeria has issued a list of commodities that can and cannot be exported from Nigeria.


Export documents required

To export commodities from Nigeria, there are essential document you must posses.

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Cobalt is a pre-shipment inspection agent for the Nigerian Export Supervision Scheme.

Cobalt has been providing independent inspection and quality control of dry goods and bulk liquid cargoes since 2004. As independent inspectors, we provide support to verify that the quantity, quality and pricing of goods conform to those specified under contractual agreements.

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About Cobalt


Cobalt offered me the best and accurate inspection for my goods and made the exportation process easy for me

- Mr Ahmad Aliyu Managing Director - Asia Plastics

Cobalt Inspection Agents are very professional that they made the inspection process so simple and less stressful for my company

- Mr Segun Momoh General Manager - Guiness Nigeria