Export Documentation

The following are a number of documents, which have to be prepared for exporters in Nigeria to arrange their export consignment

Exporters Registration Certificate

Issued by: Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Purpose: To obtain database of exporters and as a precondition for the export of non-oil export in Nigeria

Nigerian Export Proceeds Form (NXP Form)

Issued by: Commercial Banks

Purpose: An evidence of intent to export formally with details of the transaction

Commercial Invoice

Issued by: Exporter

Purpose: Provides details of transaction and indicate financial obligations.

Certificate of Origin

Issued by: Nigerian Association of Commerce, Industry Mines and Agricultural (NACCIMA)

Purpose: To certify that the product(s) originates (manufactured and produced) from Nigeria.

Clean Certificate of Inspection

Issued by: Cobalt International Services Limited

Purpose: Independent statutory report on the product specification, quality and value.

Certificate of Sampling, Weight, Quality and Loading

Issued by: SGS or Any Other Inspection Company

Purpose: (optional)-For product quality certification.

Phytosanitary Certificate

Issued by: Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Services (Fed. Min. of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

Purpose: Conditions for both exporting and importing countries to ensure safety in the handling of Agricultural product and natural resources from free disease.

Packing List

Issued by: The Export Agent/Exporter

Purpose: The Export Agent/ Exporter.

Bill of Lading/ Airway bill/ Way billPacking List

Issued by: Shipping Company/Airline/Land Transports

Purpose: A document acknowledging the receipt of goods for sea, air and travel. It has the date of export and mode of transport.

Certificate of Marine

Issued by: Insurance Company

Purpose: (optional)- To cover the liability of Goods in transit defined for export The Export Agent/ Exporter.

Certificate of Quality Fumigation and weight Packing List

Issued by: Federal Produce Inspection Service, (Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment)

Purpose: Evidence of fumigation especially for Agricultural Products and their weight (evidence of quality)

Product Quality Certification

Issued by: Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON)

Purpose: Ensuring product standards for both local and Export, especially manufactured products

Single Goods Declaration(SGD)

Issued by: Nigeria Customs Services

Purpose: Provides the particulars of inspected export consignment ready for shipment.

Form ICO-1

Issued by: Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment

Purpose: Terms for the payment of agricultural commodity levies as stipulated by law.

Certificate of Clearance Form

Issued by: Department of National Museum and Monument

Purpose: For export of handicrafts and artifacts.

Certificate of quality for food and drugs

Issued by: NAFDAC

Purpose: To certify the quality of Drugs, Food and Cosmetics meant for export.

Form J

Issued by: Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals

Purpose: Clearance letter for the export of solid minerals.

Clearance from the Department of Forestry

Issued by: Department of Forestry

Purpose: For exports classified “endangered wildlife species”, wood and wood products, furniture and furniture components.